Introduction Bio Lugecol

Bio Lugecol is a biological new development to prevent racing pigeons, birds and other animals from harmful germs.

Bio Lugecol is based on biological natural extracts, acids and herbs. By using on a regular base, this combination increases the animals’ basic resistance as germs are already inhibited during their development. Just think about the fearing E-Coli infection that can even lead to the death of young pigeons. In this case Bio Lugecol helps as well when you use it reguarly. Even an infection of the respiratory tract caused by mucus or trichomonades can be reduced. In the fight against trichomonades, several tests have proven that a daily dose of Bio Lugecol heals infected pigeons after three weeks already.*

Bio Lugecol can be used without any risks because, compared to other medical products, no overdose is possible. 1 ml per 1 litre of daily fresh drinking water are enough to gain the desired results.

Thanks to the regular use Bio Lugecol, your pigeons will be healthier and more resistant. If your animals get in touch with harmful germs, they won’t be thrown off track anymore because their increased basic resistance.

The use of Bio Lugecol solely cannot compensate a weak primary care of pigeons. It only functions as a supporter of the pigeons’ well-being. When you use Bio Lugecol on healthy pigeons, positive effects such as increasing power and less performance fluctuations can be seen. And despite having fun raising and working with pigeons, this is everyone’s goal, isn’t it?

Your pigeons will thank you.

Bio Lugecol application

Dear customer,

thank you very much for buying Bio Lugecol.

The application of Bio Lugecol is very easy. When it is not racing season, Bio Lugecol can be used on a daily basis without any risks. The dosage is simple as well: 1 ml per 1 l of drinking water. A regular application of Bio Lugecol will increase the pigeons’ basic resistance. There are no negative side effects for breeding and young pigeons when it is used during or before breeding season. Watery feces is no longer a matter for young pigeons as we tested the effects of a regular use of Bio Lugecol.

We recommend using Bio Lugecol 3 – 4 times a week during racing season.

On the basketing and returning day, we advise clear drinking water. When the pigeons already arrive in the morning, we also advise clear water. Afterwards Bio Lugecol can be used in the evening. We advise you to always feed them fresh grit, because it is part of the ideal pigeon care.

Young pigeons can be fed Bio Lugecol every day after putting them down. This will reduce or even prevent the pigeons from the possibility of trichomonades and E-Coli.